17 Jul
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If you are a business owner and are looking to renovate or remodel your free standing building, you should definitely start by speaking with an architect or qualified design build construction firm.  There are many exciting design possibilities that can be done when it comes to renovating an existing building.  With possibles come financial aspects to consider as well.  Depending on the scope of work for your project, you may be required to have an asbestos survey done to make sure it is free of the harmful product.  If asbestos is present, you will need to hire a licenses company to remove all the contaminants in order to make the building safe.  This will need to be factored into your overall construction budget since the cost could be considerable.  The next biggest items that can be costly are the foundation, roof, electrical system, hvac and plumbing systems.  Qualified construction consultants can assist you with the state of all these systems.  Once an overall assessment of the existing building has been completed and you have identified all areas of concern, the architect, MEP engineer, structural engineer can begin to design the new space layout (wall configuration/floor plan, building material list/scope of work) can begin.  You may consider a civil engineer if the property has drainage issues or concerns.  Once all of the designs have completed, you are ready to have your project bid on by a general contractor.  Please understand that things happen during construction and adjustments have to made in order to keep the progress going.  Also expect delays on material or labor due to these adjustments.  Sometimes architects and engineers need to be brought in to help with the adjustments and work must stop until the plan is put into place.  You may also decide to change your mind once you see certain items during construction.  This is completely normal and is addressed via change order.  The plans look totally different on paper than they do when they are actually built.

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