18 Jul
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Ed Garcia with EFG Architects, LLC is a local San Antonio Registered Architect that specializes in creating unique and thoughtful designs.  He served as the local AIA Chapter President of San Antonio in 1996.  He graduated from Texas Tech University in 1978 after completing a tour of duty with the United States Air Force.  Ed is married, has two children and six grandchildren.  He only takes on a few projects at time in order to focus on one on one client interaction.  This personal attention is a strength that has worked well for EFG Architect and his clients throughout the years.   He started out working for large architecture firms early in his career and quickly learned that  each client has a story they are trying to tell through their project design.  Paying close attention to that story is an important factor in his designs.  Ed specializes in both residential and commercial architecture in San Antonio.  He is also a multi-family real estate developer that can assist you with HUD 221)d)(4) program  for first time developers.   He’s helped clients that own property and aren’t quite sure what to build on it and aren’t sure what type of loan or bank to speak with to get started.  There are lots of people out there who have inherited a piece of land or property and don’t have the skill set to develop the property themselves.  Ed can guide you in right direction to make sure that your first time development go as smoothly as possible.

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