17 Jul
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Rhino Design Build, LLC  completed a hair salon near Hausman and 1604 in San Antonio.  Our client wast the first to occupy the retail space, so we had to bring in all new HVAC, electrical and plumbing.  This of course adds cost to a project and needs to be taken into consideration if you are shopping around for your new business.   These a large savings if there has ever been an electrical meter installed prior to your new business taking over the space.  The same applies for HVAC and Plumbing, in theory.  If your architect calls for moving all of the plumbing, HVAC and electrical lines, then this savings does not apply.  Please also consider the time of year you are wanting to begin and finish your project because if you are trying to open around Christmas time, the city has days that they are closed, which means that final inspections and certificate of occupancies are effected due to  City of San Antonio Holiday Schedule. We also encourage you to speak to your neighbors that you share walls with before you sign your lease because construction is noisy, dusty and lasts all day.  Some neighbors are very easy going, but others are the complete opposite.

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